Hair Removal

Hair growth can be one of the most stubborn particles to remove from your body because it grows back quickly, and the texture can become more brutal on the skin. Innovative Aesthetics uses electrolysis (a permanent hair removal) method to stop unwanted hair growth. The medical device helps destroy the hair growth center with heat energy. We also offer wax services to help with a smoother look for temporary maintenance. We require bi-weekly to monthly treatment sessions for electrolysis to help weaken the unwanted hair. The more treatment you get will reduce the hair growth so that it will be gone permanently.

We offer the following hair removal services:

  • Facial electrolysis 30-mins $35
  • Under arm electrolysis 30-mins $35
  • Back Wax 30-mins $45
  • Bikini Wax 10-mins $35
  • Brazilian Wax 20-mins $50
  • Brazilian Wax / Vagacial 30-mins $75
  • Chest Wax 30-mins $40
  • Chin Wax 10-mins $20
  • Facial Wax 15-mins $35 (brow, lip & chin)
  • Brow and Lip Wax 15-mins $25
  • Lip Wax 5-mins $20
  • Underarm Wax 15-mins $25
  • Nose Wax 30-mins $20
  • Man-zilian 30-mins $100

Electrolysis Hair Removal Services are Offerred by Innovative Aesthetics SkincareElectrolysis

Brow Wax Hair Removal is Offerred by Innovative Aesthetics Skincare

Brow Wax